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Join the altshare platform, your gateway to seamless cap table management, funding scenario analysis, real-time data insights, equity planning, and much more. 

Choose the plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Can't find your ideal fit among our plans? No worries. We specialize in tailor-made solutions. Whether it's a 409A valuation or the most complex cap table, we've got you covered.
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Perfect for start-ups & early-stage companies
Up to 25 stakeholders
Any holder of shares, options, RSU's, warrants, SAFE and convertible notes
Up to 4 collaborators
Any viewer or editor of Cap Table, Equity plan or Funding Scenario
Cap table management
SAFE & convertible Notes
Equity plans & grants
Up to 5 funding scenarios
Electronic grant letters
Employee portal
Email support
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Annual Subscription
Scaling equity management to perfection
Includes Growth Plan, plus:
Up to 100 stakeholders
Integration with 50+ HR systems
Waterfall modeling
SBC expense - US GAAP and IFRS (coming soon)
Account manager support

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
For how long is the FREE plan?
Forever! seriously, we do recommend maximizing what altshare has to offer by moving to the more comprehensive plan. But if you just need the basics, rest assured that the FREE plan will probably always stay available and FREE.
When will I need to pay?
We offer a yearly subscription so once a year. When you pick your preferred plan a yearly fee will be deducted once you enter your payment method and credentials. From that moment forward, your plan will be automatically renewed once every year.
What is your cancellation policy?
Your yearly subscription is prepaid so canceling will affect only your subscription renewal.
Please note that the subject is directly bound to our terms and agreements so we highly recommend reading them for a precise answer.
Are there any hidden fees or charges?
There are no hidden or added fees. on top of the SaaS platform, we do offer a variety of services that are specified on our services page, but there are no hidden fees in the platform itself so you can expect a smooth ride.
Do you offer a discount for larger companies?
We do have a tailor-made plan with an adjusted price for any company of any size. Furthermore, we offer discounts on our complementary services such as SBC expense reports and IFRS 16.
Can I change or upgrade my plan at any time?
Of course! You can start off with whatever plan that seems right for you, if you feel that you want more just click on 'my plan' pick the new plan you want, pay the relative price between your current plan to the upgraded one and that's it, your all set to enjoy more features altshare has to offer.
What payment methods do you accept?
We work with every major credit company (No crypto yet sorry)
Is there a pricing plan for high-volume customers?
Our enterprise plan offers great coverage for the needs of any large to huge companies. If you still feel you want more, contact our sales team and we'll happy to get you acquainted with our VIP's customer care dep.
Can I get a FREE demo?
Sure you can! simply click on "request a demo" (the orange button at the top) fill out the form and a FREE demo is on it's way.
What if I just need specific services?
We are always here for you, no matter what service you need, we got you covered. Simply click on "contact an expert" and one of our professionals will contact you to help set something tailored just for you.
Will my data be private and secure?
Our security runs under the highest standards to give you maximum privacy with minimum headache. This is why we are AICPA SOC trusted.
What if I don't want to give to all of my employees access to altshare?
You don't have to. It is completely up to you to choose who will have a access to an employee platform. When you decide to give an employee access just sent them an "invitation to join" altshare. We remind you that employees will be able to see only data that relates to them such as grants, vesting schedule, and vested amounts.
Do I need to buy altshare access for all my employees?
Once you are signed up you can set access to the employee platform for each of your employees without any extra charges or fees (even in the FREE plan)
I currently use a different platform how can I seamlessly move to altshare?
Because we are completely confident in altshare but are not involved in how well our competitors operate we prefer if the data will be uploaded manually so former mistakes can be discovered. If you still decide to make it as quick as possible we offer a "drag and drop" spreadsheet feature. So if you use Carta for example, you can download your data to an excel and then just drop it in the altshare platform in the specified area. give it a few seconds to define what's what and you are all set.
What happens if I like altshare but the FREE plan isn't enough?
You can simply upgrade your plan and enjoy even more of what altshare has to offer.
My mind is set on altshare but I need to convince my boss, can you help?
Of course! we have a great demo presentation with an altshare professional, simply click on request a demo and explain your situation in the massage area.
What should I do if I need support?
We offer full support to both you and your employees. You can call, email, or leave a message under "contact us" on our website. A trusted professional will get back to you ASAP.


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Annual subscription
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Perfect for Start-ups and Early-Stage Companies
Ideal for Companies on the Rise
Scaling Equity Management to Perfection
Automated Cap Table
25 stakeholders included
50 stakeholders included
100 stakeholders included
Funding Scenarios
Facilitation & onbarding
Email support
Priority Support
Account Manager Support
Option & equity plans
Advanced Funding Scenario modeling
Employees interface
Electronic Grant letters
Unlimited Cap Table Drafts
Investor Relations & Updates
Dedicated Equity Reports
Waterfall Exit Scenarios Modeling*
SBC Expense - USGAAP and IFRS*
Integration with 50+ HR systems

Basic plan

Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
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Business plan

Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
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Enterprise plan

Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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User access
Basic features
Saved reports
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
Export reports
Scheduled reports
API access
Advanced reports
Saved reports
Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
SSO/SAML authentication
Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history