Privacy Policy

altshare Privacy and Cookie Policy Last Revised: January 07, 2018 altshare (“AST”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) is providing this full Privacy and Cookie Policy (“Privacy and Cookie Policy” or “Policy”) that details how Personal Data is used and processed by AST in the operation of Our Website and provision of Our Services.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions

2. Who We are

3. What are the categories of Data Subjects whose Personal Data we may Process?

4. Note for Users and Customer Representatives who are using the Portal:

5. Which categories of information do we collect ?

6. What are the purposes of the collection and processing of information?

7. Legal Basis for Processing

8. Sharing Information with Third Parties

9. Your Rights

10. Location of Your Personal Data and Data Transfers

11. Minors

12. Cookies and Analytical Tools

13. Information Security

14. Data retention

15. Changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy

16. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

17. Have any Questions?