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Smart Cap Table

Manage Your Equity Like a Pro with altshare's Cap Table Management Solution

Because founders have more important things
to worry about than updating spreadsheets
Go From Messy Spreadsheets
To Smart Cap Tables
Let the spreadsheets go, like their paper ancestors there is no need for them anymore and they cause more harm than good. It's time to stop engaging so hard on something that can be done seamlessly, and automatically, and keep even higher accuracy by doing so.
altshare's automated cap table only asks you to list the information once, then it will keep track of the company’s ownership distribution, giving you access to the information 24/7.
What does it mean?
That you can have a firm grip on all company’s equity information at all times,
and take calculated steps while you know exactly where you stand now and where you’re headed.

Before altshare

You’ve got a startup to run. But then comes time to manage equity, and it’s nothing but distractions... all while you’re scaling like crazy. This can’t possibly work long-term.

After altshare

Now your equity practically manages itself. Goodbye spreadsheets and paperwork. Hello more time for literally anything else.
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Faster, Easier, Smarter Equity
All your data, ready
to report
Use your existing Cap Table to power every 409A valuation. So the second you need a valuation, all your data is all ready to go.
Don't Let
The Details Slip
Have all the information in one place and view only what matters right now. Instead of a packed data sheet that can't even consider liquidation preferences, you have all the data ready and organized.
Workflows that flow
Turn even the most complicated processes into smart, automated workflows. And with every step mapped out perfectly, you take out any room for human error and make everything run faster than ever.
Put everything on the table
Get your cap table right today, so you’re
ready to grow tomorrow. With all your equity
organized in altshare, you breeze through
complex waterfall analyses, scenario
modelling and 409A
valuations -- because you’ll have to do all this
sooner than you think.

Wondering what altshare
can do for you?