Seamlessly List The Leased Under IFRS 16 Regulations

Get the fair market value, a full effective interest for each of your renting or leasing agreements, and a complete credit risk measurement.
Go From A Rental Bookkeeping Mess
To Own Your Upkeeping Success
Unlike other statements, to follow the guidelines for a proper fair market value enlisting, a professional is required.
Only an accountant specializing in this field can accurately accomplish the necessary calculations, as they are comprehensive and a bit tricky.
With altshare, listing your rentals and least has never been simpler.
We will do the math, calculate your company's fair market value, apply the full effective interest of each relevant contract, and perform a precise credit risk measurement.

Before altshare

You just want to add all the rentals and leases to your financial books but with the update in the IFRS regulations, it’s just too pesky.

After altshare

Now you just send all the contracts to altshare and receive everything needed for you to just fill the information in your books. Everything is better organized and you can follow the company expenses with clarity.
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Your Books. Written With Precision.
Follow the Regulation
Without Hesitation
Send us your existing contracts and put your mind at ease, we will make sure that what comes back to you is exactly how the regulation dictates it.
Made Simple
Follow a simple flow to gather and send precisely what we need to hand over to our dedicated team. So you get your part done fast, with zero room for error.
The Expert Touch
Our team of experts works on your report from the second you submit your details to the final calculation. So there’s always a dedicated expert behind your numbers — anytime you need.
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An Update
When you work with us for the first time, we add you to our personalized newsletter and regulations updates. So you never have to worry about missing out, keep doing what you do best, and we’ll let you know what's new.

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