Venture Capital Trust Services

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AltShare is qualified to act as a trustee in accordance with the arrangement between the Israel Venture Association (IVA) and the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA). This agreement determines favorable tax rates for income derived from carried interest (“success fees”), subject to submission of an applicable tax ruling.

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    Other Products

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    Valuations-ASC 820/IFRS 13

    • create portfolio valuations with the assistance of our dedicated team of valuation experts
    Good For: Venture Capital Funds
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    VC Portfolio Valuations

    • create portfolio valuations of the shares of privately held-companies
    Good For: Venture Capital Funds
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    Enterprise Valuator

    • valuate companies in just minutes, from seed to post-IPO
    • one-stop business valuation solution
    • performs valuations based on multiples of comparable companies in all industries
    Good For: Private Companies; Attorney and CPA