Mergers & Acquisitions

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AltShare offers a wide range of Merger & Acquisition services.

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    image Paying Agent Service – Your dedicated AltShare account manager handles transactions quickly and seamlessly, including establishing a designated bank account, collecting and processing required documentation (including LOT’s and regulatory documents), remitting, reporting tax withholding, and managing distribution of transaction payments to both Israeli or foreign participants.
    image Escrow Agent Service – AltShare specializes in creating tailormade escrow solutions for any situation, helping minimize risks for each party. As an objective third party escrow agent in both M&A and secondary transactions, AltShare ensures that obligations which cannot be executed immediately upon closing the sale agreement are met. We hold deferred payments until all warranties and representations are found true and accurate and no warranty claims are submitted.
    image Tax Withholding Agent Service - When Israeli tax matters arise in a multinational transaction, AltShare provides valuable insights from an Israeli tax withholding perspective. We assist with calculation of taxes due in Israel, review of tax withholding certificates obtained from the ITA, deduction of Israeli tax and issuance of formal approvals (856).

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