Attorney and CPA

background imageLegal and Accounting firms operate in one of the most tightly-regulated business arenas on the planet. To help them meet their obligations to both entity and their clients, AltShare has put together a package of solutions that span Expense Accounting (ASC 718), 102 Trust Services, Mergers & Acquisitions and everythning in-between.

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    Our Products

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    Incentive Plan Administration

    • serve as administrator and trustee for employee
    • include management of incentive plan database
    • preparation of personal grant letters
    Good For: Private and Public Companies
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    One-Click 409A Valuations

    • one-hour completion of 409A valuation analysis
    Good For: Private Companies; Attorney and CPA
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    Cap Table Management

    • redefines the way VCs and startups manage their cap tables
    • planning financing rounds
    • saving time and money from seed to M&A or IPO
    Good For: Private Companies
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    Waterfall and Scenarios

    • enables simpler and faster modeling of multiple scenarios
    • analyze and understand how different scenarios
    Good For: Private Companies; Attorney
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    Expense Accounting

    • enables simple and streamlined calculation of expenses for financial reporting
    Good For: Private and Public Companies; CPA